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March 2017

Journey 2050 Online Game 

Teaches Students Sustainability

Hello, Florida middle and high school teachers. On days when you have a half hour or so to fill and you need to teach your students about sustainability in an engaging way, Florida Agriculture in the Classroom has the answer.


Journey 2050 is an online educational platform that allows students to compete against each other to become the most sustainable farm. They can play individually on hand-held devices or lap tops or computers, or as a class with the game projected on a screen. If you play the game, conduct a couple of the activities available on the Journey 2050 website and complete a short Survey Monkey poll at  by June 1, 2017 we will pay you $50. Just email Becky Sponholtz at and let us know you completed the project.


To learn more about the Journey 2050 educational platform and to register as a teacher at no cost, please visit Please feel free to contact Lisa Gaskalla at if you have any questions. Thank you.

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