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Still not sure about writing for a professional journal? 

It's easy. Just sit down at your word processor and write an article for the Florida Association of Science Teachers (FAST) journal, The Florida Science Teacher. 

What could you write about? Well, how about?

  1. Innovations: descriptions of innovative classroom procedures that have been tried and proven successful;
  2. Activities: practical, how-to articles which describe the procedures and materials for teaching certain concepts;
  3. Methods: techniques such as questioning, using learning centers, developing a lab program, etc.;
  4. Research: syntheses or reports of research meaningful to science teaching, perhaps from graduate studies;
  5. News: announcements of seminars, conferences, or special publications.
  6. Specific Content: articles or photographs focused on a specific area of science content; e.g., energy crisis, genetic engineering, or glaciation;
  7. Reports/comments: factors influencing science education on the national and/or state level; e.g., new curricula, textbook adoptions, or certification requirements.

Articles should be limited to 1000 words or less. If you have pictures be sure any students shown have signed a release form and are using the appropriate safety apparel or equipment.

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